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Visa Granted Whilst Outside Australia? Beware This Entry Related Condition: Condition 8502

There are a few ‘entry related’ visa conditions that you should be aware of if you have obtained your visa whilst outside Australia. In this article we will discuss Condition 8502. Stay tuned for further editions where we talk about Conditions 8504 “First entry date”, 8514 “no material change in the circumstances” and 8515 “must not marry”. Condition 8502 Condition 8502 “must not enter Australia before specified person” is a discretionary condition, so please, if you have been granted your visa whilst outside of Australia, check to see if your visa grant notice holds this condition. Breaching this condition may result in...

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Student Visa (Subclass 500): Financial Capacity Requirement

The financial capacity requirement is an important criterion when the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) is assessing a Student visa (subclass 500) application. The applicant must have genuine access to sufficient funds to cover the expenses that they and any accompanying family members may incur during their intended stay in Australia. All applicants are required to declare that they meet this criteria. Depending on a combination of your citizenship as well as your education provider, you may be required to provide further evidence to support this. Read: Student 500 Visa   Amount of funds to demonstrate In demonstrating that one meets the requirements, the following...

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Student Visa (Subclass 500): Partner and Child Dependents

Are you pursuing study in Australia and have a partner or child? No need to fret about leaving them behind; they may apply as dependents on your student visa application to accompany you to Australia. Of course there are requirements that must be satisfied. Read: Student 500 Visa   Member of the family unit (MoFU) A member of the family unit for a student visa is: A spouse or de facto partner of the applicant At least 18 years old Unmarried dependent child under 18 years   Initial student 500 visa application All existing family unit member are required to be declared on the initial student 500 visa application, whether or...

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